It's Easy to Apply

 Funding Request forms will be submitted and vetted by the board of advisors. Money in the form of Grants  will be awarded for projects that benefit the desired criteria in targeted categories .Vendors and service providers are encouraged to register for our in Network Providers List.   


Organizations, entities and individuals located in Shelby County that meet one of the following criteria:  

  • Organizations with a 501 c 3 nonprofit status under IRS code 170
  • Member/ Citizens needing assistance
  • Business Proposals presented to or by the board of advisors 
  • Person or organization with a proven history of effective service 

ARTS ENHANCEMENT GRANT APPLICATION GUIDELINES The United Heritage Fund for Arts Enhancement was created to enhance the arts by providing funds either to  existing arts programs or to help fund new arts programs whose major emphasis includes a strong educational and cultural focus. 


GRANT REQUIREMENTS Grants are limited to programs that are committed to providing more than just entertainment. Eligible programs will focus on creative thinking, stimulate economic vitality, and enhance the quality of life in our community. 

Also encouraged are programs that place a particular focus on art forms in cultural and self discovery.

The entire range of what is commonly considered “the arts” can receive a grant from The United Heritage fund, including performance art, visual art, and the literary arts. Lecture series and seminars aimed at the general community also qualify.

Grants up to $10,000 will be considered. Although in extreme or emergency circumstances, this limit may be waived by the fund advisors.
The advisors to the Fund will consider grant requests for activities and projects that:

• Reach a broad segment of the community or school population

• Focus on providing information, education

Projects ineligible

Projects ineligible or needing special arrangements (see capital grants) for funding include:

 • Projects that benefit a private individual 

• Capital projects 

• General operating expenses such as salaries, benefits, or general organizational budget items

 • Fund raising projects 

• Travel for individuals 

• Attendance at conferences 



One application per organization will be accepted. Past grant recipients are welcome to apply and non-profit organizations may apply every year regardless of previous funding. 



• Grant requests must be submitted by TBA

• Late or incomplete applications will not be considered 

• Grants outside the cycle will be considered in emergency cases. (The fund advisors will make this determination)


Submit grant applications online to the Michael Adrian Davis Foundation. Application may be found at: . If you have any questions or concerns regarding the application or the grants process, please contact Community Impact Officer @