We must be the change we seek. 

I have  seen,  the devastating issues affecting our communities and i have also seen those working to change this cities trajectory.  

 Funds from the Heritage Fitness Center will be used to assist those already doing the work and to build a stronger community.   It has been said that "the greatest weapon you can use on a people is disorganization."     God told me to seek The Fantastic 5000.... the Heroes who will  commit just $20 a month for one year to this plan operating through a Fitness Center. 

Will you take a chance on me and help yourself at the same time .  



  Vision Statement: To empower the undeserved by providing a path to self-sufficiency, sustainability, and success. 

Mission :

  • To uplift children living in poverty and provide food, fun, and fundamentals.
  • To nurture academic excellence 
  • To break the cycles of poverty, violence, incarceration, addiction, homelessness, teenage pregnancy, obesity, and fatherlessness.
  • Support willing adults by providing tools, opportunities, and resources needed
  • Cultivate entrepreneurial opportunities through collaborative partnerships with local agencies, businesses, mentors, community leaders, and faith-based organizations.
  • To bridge the gap between the generations for historical preservation, cultural enrichment, and altering the trajectory of future generations.