Future Home /United Heritage Fitness & Entertainment Center

Coming soon! Affordable housing, walking trails, retail & entertainment space


Small building to the right (above) is being refurbished for emergency shelter 

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emergency housing renovation

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The Michael Adrian Davis Foundation 

After the death of his beautiful wife Vera Annette Davis to cancer in 2007, Michael launched the foundation in her honor. 

Vera, from West Helena, AR and Michael, growing up in North Memphis, both desired to provide the proverbial “boot straps” for so many that are ready and qualified but are often overlooked and even forgotten. 


The MAD Foundation's United Heritage Fund is a philanthropic gifting fund. Your monthly Non-Tax-Deductible Membership funds will be distributed through The MAD Foundation to support community projects, organizations and economic growth efforts. 

                How It Works:

Five Thousand (5000) Fantastic "PARTNERS IN HELP" will commit $20 per month for one year ($240 total)

These funds will be strategically circulated each month into the community in the form of grants or forgivable loans 

(with NO government involvement

to buyback our homes from tax liens, assist startup businesses, strengthen skills training efforts and rescue our most vulnerable populations, thus reducing crime, poverty and hopelessness. 


Join the Fantastic Five Thousand


Be one of the first 500 members to join Michael Adrian Davis, and you will automatically be inducted into the "Vision Catcher" Hall of Fame.  This induction will take place at a Member's Only "Red, Black & Green" Gala honoring the first 500 to catch the vision.  Join today so Michael can call your name!